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This documentation guides you through everything required to know about the Vertopal API.

The Vertopal API lets you convert digital files. It is designed to easily create a connection between a client (such as a website, a web service, or a mobile app) and the Vertopal file converter service. It aims to make the process of converting different files to different formats quick and easy, while also preventing any frustrations caused by installing tens of third-party programs and dedicating huge system resources required for converting digital files.

In short, a request to the Vertopal API starts by specifying an HTTP method and an endpoint path. This request may include fields, headers, and data with a specific request structure. The request returns a response with a specific response structure and a standard status code. This response also can include headers.

To create a request, first, choose an endpoint path and its HTTP method. Then send the request with its required fields, headers, and keys with a proper structure. Please note that all the requests require authentication. Therefore you need to create an APP and send its credentials in every request.

In this document, each endpoint has its own page where its fields, headers, and keys are fully described. Along with all this, there are also example codes with different programming languages for requests and responses.

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