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Unix Section 6 Manual Page: Games and Screensavers (.6)

In Unix-like operating systems, manual pages, or man pages, serve as comprehensive guides for system commands, interfaces, and files. These manuals are accessible via the man command.

Section 6 of the man pages is dedicated to Games and Screensavers, offering a playful insight into the various games and entertainment programs installed on the system. This section includes instructions for text-based and graphical games, detailing gameplay, command-line options, and associated configuration files.

Examples of commands in this section include:

  • fortune: Outputs a random quotation.
  • cowsay: A script for a configurable talking cow.
  • sl: A humorous remedy for the common typing error.
  • tetris: Allows users to play the classic game of Tetris.
  • chess: Engage in the timeless strategy board game of Chess.

6 Specifications

Name Unix Section 6 Manual Page: Games and Screensavers
File Extension(s) .6
Category Documents
Use For Games and Screensavers; which covers games and amusing programs available on the system.
Developer Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson under the guidance of their manager Doug McIlroy at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1971 as part of the Unix Programmer's Manual.
MIME Type(s) application/x-troff-man
License freely; but check their source for the specific license.
File Sample(s) N/A
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