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Unix Section 7 Manual Page: Miscellaneous (.7)

In the realm of Unix-like operating systems, manual pages, or man pages, serve as the comprehensive guide for command line utilities, detailing their usage, syntax, and options. These pages are pivotal for both novices and experts to effectively harness system resources.

Section 7 of the man pages, labeled as Miscellaneous, is a repository for diverse topics that don't align with the predefined categories of other sections. This section is a trove of information on conventions, file formats beyond those in Section 5, and expansive topics such as macro packages for document formatting. The content within this section varies, offering intricate technical specifications as well as broad overviews of complex systems or software suites.

Examples of commands documented in this section include:

  • man: The gateway to the system's reference manuals.
  • groff: The primary interface for the groff document formatting system.
  • ascii: A comprehensive encoding of the ASCII character set in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal forms.
  • regex: The syntax for regular expressions.
  • locale: An overview of the system's multi-language capabilities.

7 Specifications

Name Unix Section 7 Manual Page: Miscellaneous
File Extension(s) .7
Category Documents
Use For Miscellaneous; which describes the miscellaneous collection of documentation.
Developer Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson under the guidance of their manager Doug McIlroy at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1971 as part of the Unix Programmer's Manual.
MIME Type(s) application/x-troff-man
License freely; but check their source for the specific license.
File Sample(s) N/A
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