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Compact Font Format (.cff)

The CFF file extension, recognized as Compact Font Format, represents a streamlined font file format. Adobe Systems pioneered this format to efficiently encapsulate font information in a reduced footprint. The CFF format finds its primary application in embedding fonts within PDF documents and is integral to the PostScript ecosystem for printing and typesetting. A typical CFF file houses a FontSet, a bundled collection of fonts, facilitating efficient font management through reduced storage requirements. The binary structure of a CFF file encompasses a meticulously organized data schema, inclusive of specific data types, a header section, glyph indexing, and dictionary tables for font attributes, all adhering to the CFF standard.

CFF fonts are distinguished by their inclusion of PostScript code, enhancing the format's adaptability and scalability, especially within printing contexts. This feature allows for the incorporation of advanced typographic elements and ensures consistent, high-caliber font rendering across various platforms. Additionally, the CFF format employs subroutinization, a method that compresses font data effectively without degrading quality. This attribute renders the CFF format highly suitable for digital typesetting scenarios where maintaining minimal file sizes without sacrificing font integrity is paramount.

CFF Specifications

Name Compact Font Format
File Extension(s) .cff
Category Fonts
Use For Storing and embedding high-quality fonts within PDFs and the PostScript ecosystem, efficient format for typographic excellence.
Developer Adobe Systems
MIME Type(s) font/cff
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
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