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Luminar Lookup Table (.cube)

A CUBE file is a 3D Lookup Table (LUT) used for color grading. LUTs process a color value and output a corresponding value. These files can be used to manipulate saturation and contrast or completely change the color of a clip. LUTs are commonly used to create and save color grades that can be applied to give clips a unique style.

CUBE files can be exported from various color grading applications and imported into others. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to export color grading information as a .cube file for import into other color grading applications.

CUBE files can also be used in other applications such as Switchboard Canvas, a dynamic image API tool that creates images from responsive templates. In Switchboard Canvas, you can upload LUT files and apply them to Image elements to add a creative touch or apply consistent branding to different images.

CUBE Specifications

Name Luminar Lookup Table
File Extension(s) .cube
Category Data Files
Use For Storing settings which are used to remap image colors and adjust its tone.
Developer Skylum Software
MIME Type(s) text/plain
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
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