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Windows Cursor Image (.cur)

The CUR file extension is commonly used for Windows Cursor Images, which are small images utilized to represent the mouse pointer on a computer screen. These files are a vital part of the user interface of the Microsoft Windows operating system. CUR files contain static images, which are used for cursors, and they are similar to ICO (icon) files, differing only in their intended use as a cursor rather than an icon. The typical CUR file includes various cursor designs, such as arrows for general use, hourglasses to indicate loading, and I-bars for text editing. These cursor images are customizable, allowing users to personalize the appearance of their mouse pointer by either creating their own CUR files or downloading them. Windows includes several default CUR files, and custom themes may also contain unique CUR designs.

To use a CUR file, you need to access the Mouse Properties in the Windows Control Panel. From there, you can choose the cursor image you want to modify and browse to the location of your custom CUR file to apply it. CUR files are stored in the C:/Windows/Cursors directory and can be edited or viewed using various software.

CUR Specifications

Name Windows Cursor Image
File Extension(s) .cur
Category Raster Images
Use For Customizing the appearance of the mouse pointer in Windows operating systems.
Developer Microsoft
MIME Type(s) image/
License Proprietary, as it is part of the Microsoft Windows.
File Sample(s) N/A
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