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Dr. Halo Bitmap Image (.cut)

The CUT file extension denotes a bitmap image format, the Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File, initially crafted for the Dr. Halo graphics editor, a once-prevalent tool for MS-DOS and Windows platforms. Designed for bitmap image creation and editing, the CUT format is a device-independent bitmap (DIB) file supporting 8-bit color depth, equating to a 256-color palette. This attribute rendered it ideal for compact bitmap images with constrained color ranges. The CUT files utilize an external PAL file to define the color palette; absent this file, the images revert to grayscale. Its adoption was fueled by the format's rapid decompression and straightforward readability, despite its compression inefficiencies.

Presently, the CUT file extension is deemed archaic and unsupported by modern graphics editors. Despite its dated status, the CUT format signifies a pivotal chapter in digital imagery, emblematic of an era valuing simplicity and cross-platform compatibility.

CUT Specifications

Name Dr. Halo Bitmap Image
File Extension(s) .cut
Category Raster Images
Use For Storing bitmap images with a constrained color palette, supporting up to 256 distinct colors.
Developer Media Cybernetics
MIME Type(s) N/A
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
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