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Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template (.dotm)

The DOTM file extension stands for Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template. It serves as a format within Microsoft Word for creating document templates that incorporate macros. Macros consist of a series of commands that automate repetitive tasks within documents, making them powerful tools for enhancing efficiency. DOTM files include the default layout, settings, and macros necessary to generate new documents with consistent formatting and behaviors. This feature is particularly valuable in professional environments where standardized document formats are essential. Unlike DOTX files (which are also Word templates but lack macros), DOTM files allow users to execute pre-recorded macros, streamlining their workflow.

Introduced alongside Microsoft Office 2007, the DOTM format is part of the Office Open XML standard. This standard aimed to improve file sizes, reduce corruption risks, and enhance image representation within documents. When you create a new document using a DOTM file, it saves as a DOCM file—a Word document that supports macros. To view or edit DOTM files, you can use Microsoft Word or other compatible word processors. Keep in mind that while other software may open DOTM files, not all features (especially macros) may be fully supported.

DOTM Specifications

Name Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template
File Extension(s) .dotm
Category Documents
Use For Creating new documents with embedded macros in Microsoft Word, facilitating automated tasks and consistent formatting.
Developer Microsoft
MIME Type(s) application/
License Proprietary; Microsoft, develops and maintains it as part of the Microsoft Office Suite.
File Sample(s) N/A
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