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FictionBook 2.0 (.fb2)

The FB2 file extension denotes the FictionBook 2.0 format, a digital book structure that has risen in popularity due to its XML foundation. Originating from Russia, this format caters primarily to narrative works but isn't exclusively confined to them. The FB2 format distinguishes itself by emphasizing the structural elements of the eBook over its visual presentation. This approach grants remarkable conversion flexibility across different formats. FB2 files employ straightforward semantic tags, incorporate metadata, and support both Unicode and various inline formatting options, enhancing their compatibility with a multitude of eReader applications on diverse operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

A notable benefit of the FB2 format is its preservation of content integrity across varying devices and reading software. It utilizes specific tags to delineate eBook components, ranging from textual content to images and notes. This tagging system guarantees a consistent content display, ensuring a standardized reading experience. Given that FB2 files may include images, file sizes can increase significantly. To streamline Internet transfers, these files are frequently compressed into ZIP archives, potentially altering the file extension to ZIP or FB2.ZIP extension.

FB2 Specifications

Name FictionBook 2.0
File Extension(s) .fb2
Category Documents
Use For Storing eBooks, especially fiction, characterized by its structured and flexible nature, compatible with diverse eReader devices.
Developer Dmitry Gribov
MIME Type(s) application/x-fictionbook+xml
License open format; freely available for use and distribution.
File Sample(s) N/A
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