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Windows Font Library (.fon)

The FON file extension is linked to the Windows Font Library, a legacy format prevalent in early Microsoft Windows versions, particularly Windows 3.x operating system. These files are font collections stored in the FNT format, used by applications to access system fonts. Unlike executable files, FON files contain bitmap or vector fonts in FNT format. Notably, these fonts are not scalable like TrueType (TTF) fonts, leading to the inclusion of multiple font sizes within a single FON file to meet different display requirements. This limitation has contributed to the predominance of TrueType fonts over FON and FNT formats.

Although now deemed outdated, the FON format is still compatible with modern Windows OS for legacy support. Located typically in C:\Windows\Fonts, these files can be viewed using the built-in Microsoft Windows Font Viewer. Initially, FON files were integral to applications needing system font access and were vital for on-screen text rendering. Despite being superseded, they hold a significant place in the evolution of digital typography, especially within the Microsoft Windows ecosystem.

FON Specifications

Name Windows Font Library
File Extension(s) .fon
Category Fonts
Use For Storing a collection of bitmap or vector fonts is native to the early Microsoft Windows operating system.
Developer Microsoft
MIME Type(s) N/A
License Proprietary, as it is part of the Microsoft Windows.
File Sample(s) N/A
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