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CCITT Group 3 Fax Image (.g3)

The G3 file extension is synonymous with the CCITT Group 3 Fax Image, a widely recognized format for encoding monochrome images, specially tailored for fax communication. Originating from the CCITT, now ITU-T, the Group 3 standard was crafted to optimize the compression and transfer of images via telephone networks. The G3 format utilizes a lossless compression technique, ensuring file size minimization without degrading image quality. This efficiency is achieved through a blend of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) encoding. The 1D approach compresses data sequentially, line after line, while the 2D method leverages similarities across adjacent lines to further compact the file size. This form of compression is exceptionally suited for documents with text or straightforward line graphics, typical in fax communications.

Incorporated within the G3 format are mechanisms that support error detection and correction, pivotal for preserving data integrity across potentially inconsistent communication channels. Its resilience and compression prowess have cemented the G3 file extension's role in fax technology and document imaging. Despite newer advancements like Group 4 compression and digital document formats, the G3 standard persists, owing to its extensive compatibility and established dependability in document exchange and archival systems.

G3 Specifications

Name CCITT Group 3 Fax Image
File Extension(s) .g3
Category Raster Images
Use For Enhancing fax communication by encoding and compressing bi-level, black-and-white images with high fidelity and efficiency.
Developer International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT); now known as ITU-T.
MIME Type(s) image/fax-g3
License open standard; freely available and universal guidelines.
File Sample(s) N/A
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