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Org Markup Language (.org)

The ORG file extension is synonymous with Org mode, an integral component of GNU Emacs tailored for note-taking, task management, project planning, and document authoring through an efficient plain-text format. Initially developed to streamline personal organization, Org mode has matured into a sophisticated platform capable of managing intricate document hierarchies, generating well-formatted outputs, and facilitating seamless task and project oversight. Documents bearing the ORG extension may encompass diverse elements, including plain text, source code, LaTeX, and HTML.

Org mode's hallmark lies in its straightforward markup language, crafted for ease of reading and writing. ORG documents are organized with headlines, lists, tags, and links, offering collapsible sections for enhanced content management. This tiered arrangement promotes effective information organization and document navigation. Furthermore, Org mode encompasses features such as agenda views for task scheduling, time tracking, and multi-format export capabilities, positioning it as a multifaceted tool for both personal and professional use. Its comprehensive functionalities render Org mode an essential asset for individuals seeking a dependable and adaptable text processing and project management solution.

ORG Specifications

Name Org Markup Language
File Extension(s) .org
Category Documents
Use For Storing documents created in Org mode, a component of the GNU Emacs editor, for managing notes, tasks, projects, and authoring documents.
Developer Carsten Dominik
MIME Type(s) text/org
License open format; under the GPL license.
File Sample(s) N/A
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