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Portable Document Fomat (.pdf)

Portable Document Format or PDF for short, is a digital file format to present documents including text, raster images, vector graphics, fonts, and other information needed to view it. The PDF format is independent of platform, operating system, software, application, and hardware, making it a useful format for exchanging documents. PDF files also preserve formatting and font information across multiple platforms and appear the same on different screens, as when printed on paper.

PDF Specifications

Name Portable Document Fomat
File Extension(s) .pdf
Category Documents
Use For Easily share and print electronic documents, books, magazines, publications, forms, images, and web pages without losing formatting.
Developer Adobe Systems (1991–2008), ISO (2008–)
MIME Type(s) application/pdf application/x-pdf application/x-bzpdf application/x-gzpdf
License Royalty-free
File Sample(s) N/A
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