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Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template (.potm)

POTM stands for PowerPoint Template with Macros. It is a file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation templates that include default settings and macros. These settings can include styles, backgrounds, color palettes, fonts, and defaults along with macros that consist of custom functions for doing particular tasks.

POTM files are created with PowerPoint 2007 or above and can be used to create further presentation files that inherit all the formatting options of the file. Macros contained in POTM files are also inherited by other presentations.

The POTM file format is based on Office OpenXML specifications and resembles the structure of a PPTX file, which is a compressed ZIP archive. Slides inside a POTM file may contain text, pictures, videos, graphics, and other objects that can be arranged freely within the page.

POTM files can be opened in Microsoft PowerPoint for editing like any other PowerPoint file. They may also be opened by a previous version of PowerPoint with Open XML document support installed.

POTM Specifications

Name Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template
File Extension(s) .potm
Category Presentations
Use For Creating presentation templates that include default settings and macros.
Developer Microsoft
MIME Type(s) application/
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
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