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PhotoWorks Image File (.pwp)

The PWP file extension is linked to the PhotoWorks Image File, a legacy format from PhotoWorks, a defunct photo editing and sharing application. PWP files, akin to SFW files, are color image files once commonly downloaded from the internet. To convert PWP files to the more universal JPG format, specialized tools were used. PhotoWorks provides tools for creating, editing, and sharing digital photographs, helping users manage their digital photo libraries efficiently. However, as more sophisticated photo editing platforms emerged, PhotoWorks was phased out and integrated into Shutterfly, a web-based photo service.

PWP files enabled the download and exchange of high-quality images online, reflecting the digital imaging technology of their era. They supported the dissemination of vibrant, color images that could be manipulated with appropriate software. Although PhotoWorks is no longer in operation, the PWP format's contribution to digital imaging endures through the photos it facilitated. These files chronicle the evolution of digital imaging, highlighting a time when photo sharing and editing became increasingly user-friendly. The shift from PhotoWorks to contemporary platforms illustrates ongoing advancements in digital media management, with formats like PWP laying the groundwork for today's widely used image formats.

PWP Specifications

Name PhotoWorks Image File
File Extension(s) .pwp
Category Raster Images
Use For Creating and downloading color images from the internet is a key feature of the PhotoWorks software.
Developer Seattle FilmWorks; later known as PhotoWorks.
MIME Type(s) N/A
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
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