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reStructuredText (.rst)

The RST file extension, referred to as reStructuredText, is a file format within the Docutils suite of documentation utilities. These utilities facilitate the conversion of text documents into various formats, including HTML, XML, and LaTeX. RST is favored by the Python programming community for crafting technical documentation, README files, and web-based content. It's characterized by its lightweight nature and simple syntax, which streamlines the formatting process. The language encompasses directives for structuring documents, emphasizing passages, including images and links, and other elements.

At its core, reStructuredText values simplicity and legibility. Its minimalist syntax ensures that even unformatted documents remain comprehensible without prior markup language knowledge. Despite its straightforward design, RST doesn't sacrifice functionality. It supports extensions, custom directives, and roles, making it capable of managing intricate documentation needs. As the default markup language for Sphinx, a tool that transforms RST files into a range of formats, reStructuredText proves to be a flexible and indispensable resource for documentation specialists.

RST Specifications

Name reStructuredText
File Extension(s) .rst
Category Documents
Use For Storing reStructuredText markup language pivotal for creating technical documentation within the Python developer community.
Developer David Goodger
MIME Type(s) text/x-rst
License open format; under the Public Domain license.
File Sample(s) N/A
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