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Web Open Font Format 2.0 (.woff2)

The WOFF2 file extension signifies Web Open Font Format 2.0, an upgrade from the original WOFF 1.0. As a cutting-edge development in web font formatting, WOFF2—developed by the WebFonts Working Group—delivers streamlined, straightforward compression of font data. It's optimized for CSS integration and web deployment, offering a key solution for web developers eager to employ custom fonts without compromising site speed or inflating load durations.

At their core, WOFF2 files are OpenType (.OTF) or TrueType (.TTF) fonts, compacted via the Brotli compression algorithm. This results in an approximately 30% reduction in size compared to WOFF files. Such effective compression translates to swifter font loading, a vital factor in enhancing online user experiences. Moreover, WOFF2 maintains font licensing metadata, ensuring adherence to the font creator's usage terms.

WOFF2 Specifications

Name Web Open Font Format 2.0
File Extension(s) .woff2
Category Fonts
Use For Delivering custom fonts on web pages, enabling web developers to include unique fonts in their designs without incurring significant performance overhead.
Developer WebFonts Working Group
MIME Type(s) font/woff2
License open format; freely available for use and distribution.
File Sample(s) N/A
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