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Compressed AbiWord Document (.zabw)

The ZABW file extension is a format linked to AbiWord, a free word-processing software. ZABW files are AbiWord documents compressed with gzip to minimize file size, optimizing storage for documents originally in uncompressed XML. This compression is crucial for managing large documents and efficient internet transfers where bandwidth is limited. AbiWord is a robust word processor, offering features like spell check, table support, and compatibility with multiple formats such as DOCX, DOC, WPD, and ODT.

Developed by the AbiSource community, AbiWord aims to be a nimble yet potent word-processing tool. AbiSource currently focuses on developing AbiWord for Linux from version 3 onwards, though previous versions remain available for Windows and macOS. The ZABW format is mainly used with the Linux version of AbiWord.

ZABW Specifications

Name Compressed AbiWord Document
File Extension(s) .zabw
Category Documents
Use For Optimizing the file size of AbiWord documents for efficient space utilization, streamlined sharing, and storage capabilities.
Developer AbiSource
MIME Type(s) application/x-abiword
License open-source; as it is part of the AbiSource project.
File Sample(s) N/A
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