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What are the reasons for failed converts?

According to statistics, most of our converts are completed successfully, but unfortunately, sometimes Vertopal can't convert the file, and its fails.
The failure of the convert may have several reasons. But the common reasons are the following:

  • Corrupt source file: The content of your uploaded file may be corrupted. It means that the file type is correct, but its content is corrupted.
    Suppose the sample.jpg image has some corrupted bits. At first, everything looks fine because the type of image you see is correct. When you upload it to Vertopal, it's processed like a valid image but, an error occurs during file conversion when dealing with bad bits and causes the convert fails.
  • Password-Protected file: The input file may be protected by a password. Vertopal will not be able to read the file content until you enter the password.
    Fortunately, we support password-protected files. To do this, before converting, click on advanced settings. In the opened modal, enter the password of the file and save the settings, and now convert it.
  • Very complex source file: Converting files with a very complex structure requires a lot of resources and time. Although Vertopal tries to provide all the resources needed for file conversion, sometimes due to the high complexity of the file, all the resources are used and unavailable at the moment, so the conversion fails.
  • Low user plan: Each user plan allocates different resources to the file conversion. For example, the free plan of the registered user allocates more resources to each conversion than the guest plan.

Always keep in mind that many unexpected reasons may cause a file conversion to fail. The above reasons are only the most common reasons.

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