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What should we submit a ticket for?

A ticket is a safe, fast and simple way to communicate with Vertopal. You can easily send a ticket through your user Account.
We always try to answer your ticket as soon as possible.
It is better to know what categories will be reviewed by Vertopal through the ticket.

  • Report a Bug: Encountering a bug can be painful and annoying, especially when you use Vertopal services for a sensitive and important task.
    We always try to solve the problems as soon as possible. If you come across a bug, please let us know so that we can fix it as a high priority.
    If your bug report is well explained, it will be easier and faster to fix it.
    Before submitting a ticket to this category, make sure that your description answers the following questions:
    • Tell us briefly what this bug has caused?
    • Tell us on what version of Platform and OS exactly did this bug occur?
    • Tell us under what conditions exactly this bug happened?
    • Can we have a video or a photo of your encounter with this bug? Attach it.
  • Technical Support: Tickets that are related to Vertopal features, user interface, user experience, and other technical-related issues need to be referred to the technical team and reviewed only by experts in this department.
  • General Support: Direct interaction, consultation, and follow-up of various issues with users, which is done by the main support team and is referred to other departments if needed.
  • Financial Issue: Tickets that are related to financial, accounting, and other such issues.

However, we recommend that you search for your question in the Help Center before submitting a ticket, we may have already answered it.

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