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AbiWord Document (.abw)

The ABW file extension denotes files created with AbiWord, a versatile word processor within the AbiSource project suite. As a cost-free, open-source platform, AbiWord provides an extensive suite of functionalities for document creation and editing, boasting broad compatibility with major operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS. Its default ABW format, rooted in XML, enables sophisticated layouts, enriched text features, and the inclusion of elements such as lists, tables, images, and footnotes. This positions it as a parallel to Microsoft Word's DOC files, yet distinctively accessible across diverse computer systems.

For professionals, the ABW format shines in generating and preserving various textual documents—reports, correspondence, memos, and more. It adeptly supports rich text and manages intricate structures with visuals, diagrams, and enumerations. Adhering to Rich Text Formatting standards ensures seamless sharing and consistent viewing across different word processors. AbiWord itself is a formidable tool, equipped with formatting capabilities, spell-checking, and options to save documents in a compact ZABW format, enhancing its utility in the IT landscape.

ABW Specifications

Name AbiWord Document
File Extension(s) .abw
Category Documents
Use For Word-Processing documents generated with AbiWord.
Developer AbiSource
MIME Type(s) application/x-abiword
License open-source; as it is part of the AbiSource project.
File Sample(s) N/A
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