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AV1 Image File Format (.avif)

The AVIF file extension, which refers to AV1 Image File Format, represents a significant advancement in image compression technology. Developed by the Alliance for Open Media, a group that includes industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. The AVIF leverages the AV1 video codec to potentially replace established image formats like JPEG and PNG. Its sophisticated compression algorithms enable the production of high-quality images with substantially smaller file sizes, which is essential for web and mobile platforms where bandwidth and storage are crucial.

AVIF distinguishes itself by preserving image quality even at higher compression rates than its forerunners. It accommodates an array of features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut (WCG), and color depths of 8, 10, and 12 bits, enhancing its applicability across various multimedia contexts. Beyond static images, AVIF is also beneficial for animating visuals, offering a superior alternative to GIFs with enhanced compression and quality. Capable of both lossless and lossy compression, it provides versatility for developers and content creators to tailor image optimization to their requirements. The format's ability to decrease load times and conserve data without sacrificing quality makes it particularly advantageous for content delivery networks and streaming platforms, exemplified by Netflix's adoption of AVIF in their content distribution.

AVIF Specifications

Name AV1 Image File Format
File Extension(s) .avif
Category Raster Images
Use For Storing and transmitting high-quality digital images, which provides superior compression and enhanced image quality over legacy formats like JPEG for web and mobile platforms.
Developer Alliance for Open Media
MIME Type(s) image/avif
License open format; freely available for use and distribution.
File Sample(s) N/A
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