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Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript and is a vector file format often used for professional and high-quality image printing. It retains individual coding on color and size, allowing the image to retain its resolution regardless of scale.

Adobe created Encapsulated PostScript in the late 1980s to make it easier to incorporate images and illustrations into predominantly text-based creations. EPS became one of the industry standards for professional printers. EPS files still have a function as a legacy format compatible with almost all systems and software. Many professional printers use EPS files for large-scale jobs due to its backward compatibility feature.

EPS Specifications

Name Encapsulated PostScript
File Extension(s) .eps .epsf .epsi
Category Vector Images
Use For The standard format in the printing and publishing industry. Design vector graphics, logos, artwork, and charts.
Developer Adobe Systems
MIME Type(s) application/postscript
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
Compression Either none, or LZW, Deflate, RLE, and DCT
Max Dimensions N/A
Color Modes N/A
Animation No
Transparency Yes
Interlacing No
Metadata Yes
Layers Yes
Multipage Yes
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