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Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg)

JPEG (commonly pronounced jay-peg, and also known as JPG), is a file format that uses lossy compression for images created by digital photography cameras. The level of compression is adjustable between 0 to 100 which 100 gives the highest quality. The amount of compression varies from file to file, depending on different image parameters.

The JPEG standard which stands for the Joint Photographic Experts Group, uses many different techniques including DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) algorithm to achieve compression.

JPG Specifications

Name Joint Photographic Experts Group
File Extension(s) .jpg .jpeg .jpe .jif .jfif
Category Raster Images
Use For Digital cameras, detailed photographs, web graphics, and rectangular images.
Developer Joint Photographic Experts Group
MIME Type(s) image/jpeg
License As of October 27, 2006, all United States patents have expired.
File Sample(s) N/A
Compression Lossy (and partly lossless), DCT, RLE, and Huffman predictive nearest neighbor
Max Dimensions 65,535×65,535 pixels
Color Modes
Mode Bits Description
Greyscale N/A JPEG has no distinct greyscale mode.
True color 8 Each pixel is described by the red, blue, and green color components, each of which is 8 bits.
Indexed color N/A JPEG does not offer an indexed color mode.
Greyscale with alpha N/A JPEG does not support an alpha channel.
True color with alpha N/A JPEG does not support an alpha channel.
Animation No
Transparency No
Interlacing Yes
Metadata Yes
Layers No
Multipage No
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