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Minolta Raw Image (.mrw)

The MRW file extension represents the raw image data from Minolta Dimage cameras, capturing unaltered and uncompressed content directly from the camera's CCD sensor. This format preserves the full spectrum of information, granting photographers extensive post-processing control, enabling adjustments in exposure, color balance, and more without compromising quality, unlike processed formats such as JPEG. For professionals, MRW files are indispensable for precision editing to meet exacting standards.

Post Sony's acquisition of Minolta, the MRW format was superseded by Sony's ARW format. Nevertheless, MRW files hold their ground, particularly with legacy Minolta camera models that remain popular with photography aficionados. The considerable size of MRW files reflects the depth of data they house, pivotal for producing images of the highest fidelity. Despite newer formats taking precedence, MRW files maintain compatibility with a range of photo editing tools, assuring continued accessibility and editability of Minolta's raw photographs.

MRW Specifications

Name Minolta Raw Image
File Extension(s) .mrw
Category Camera Raw
Use For Storing raw photographic data from Minolta Dimage digital cameras.
Developer Minolta
MIME Type(s) image/x-minolta-mrw
License Proprietary; owned by Minolta and now Sony Corporation, is subject to Sony's licensing terms.
File Sample(s) N/A
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