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Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy) (.pps)

PPS stands for PowerPoint Slide Show. It is an outdated file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint to create slide shows. A PPS file can contain different pages called slides that can hold video, audio, text, animations, images, and other items. The difference between PPS files and PowerPoint PPT files is that PPS files open directly to the presentation instead of to the editing mode.

PPS files were created using Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003. Newer versions of PowerPoint default to using PPSX instead. However, you can still open PPS files with modern versions of PowerPoint or with other presentation software such as OpenOffice Impress and WPS Office Presentation.

You can also convert a PPS file to other formats such as PPT, MP4, PDF, or PPTX using a free file converter like Vertopal or by opening it in one of the above programs and saving it to a new format. If you're using a version of PowerPoint older than 2007, you can still open this file format but you need to have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed.

PPS Specifications

Name Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy)
File Extension(s) .pps
Category Presentations
Use For Creating presentations opening as slideshows.
Developer Microsoft
MIME Type(s) application/
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
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