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Sun Raster (.sr)

Sun Raster Images are bitmaps used as native image format on the Oracle Solaris, Sun Unix platforms. It was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

SR Specifications

Name Sun Raster
File Extension(s) .sr .ras
Category Raster Images
Use For N/A
Developer Sun Microsystems
MIME Type(s) image/x-ras
License N/A
File Sample(s) N/A
Compression Lossless: RLE (Run Length Encoding)
Max Dimensions N/A
Color Modes
Mode Bits Description
Monochrome 1 N/A
Greyscale 8 N/A
True color 24 N/A
True color with alpha 32 N/A
Animation No
Transparency Yes
Interlacing N/A
Metadata N/A
Layers N/A
Multipage No