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Web Open Font Format (.woff)

The WOFF file extension is related to a web font format that was developed for use on the internet. It is essentially a compressed version of a font that can be used by web browsers to display text in custom fonts that are not dependent on the user's system fonts. The WOFF format is an open standard and supports TrueType (.TTF) and OpenType (.OTF) fonts. Additionally, it includes support for font licensing information, which is essential for font designers and foundries who want to protect their intellectual property while allowing their fonts to be used on the web. WOFF files are referenced within CSS files using the @font-face rule, which enables web developers to specify which fonts to use on their web pages.

The WebFonts Working Group, which consisted of organizations such as Mozilla, Type Supply, and LettError, developed WOFF. The format is designed to provide several benefits over traditional font formats used on the web, such as reduced bandwidth usage due to its compressed nature and increased availability of fonts for web designers. WOFF has been succeeded by WOFF 2.0, which offers improved compression and is identified by the .woff2 file extension.

WOFF Specifications

Name Web Open Font Format
File Extension(s) .woff
Category Fonts
Use For Delivering custom fonts on web pages.
Developer WebFonts Working Group
MIME Type(s) font/woff
License open format; freely available for use and distribution.
File Sample(s) N/A
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