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A spreadsheet is a computer program that allows you to organize, analyze and store data in a tabular format. It consists of a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns, with each cell identified by its X and Y location. Originally developed as a digital version of paper accounting worksheets, spreadsheets allow you to enter data into cells and perform calculations using mathematical formulas.

One of the unique features of spreadsheet software is its ability to automatically calculate values based on the data in cells and the formulas you enter. This makes spreadsheets an efficient tool for organizing and analyzing numerical data.

A spreadsheet file is a digital document that stores data in a tabular format, with cells organized into rows and columns. These cells can contain various types of data, including text, numbers, and dates, and can also perform calculations using formulas. Spreadsheet files can contain multiple sheets, often represented by tabs, which together form a workbook.

Spreadsheets are versatile tools that can be used to efficiently sort, organize and analyze data. They are commonly used for financial purposes, such as managing budgets and tracking transactions, but have a wide range of other applications as well.

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